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Create unforgettable Experiences filled with
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Live Your Inner Riches

Become who you truly want to be

Unlock your fullest potential and live your life with purpose and meaning

In this 3-day program, you will be guided to experience powerful transformations and extraordinary breakthroughs in a nurturing environment.

Progress on all levels, move towards inner abundance and welcome a deeper connection with Your Self.

As part of the Roshido Academy, share your insights with other Transformation Sprint Graduates in an exclusive, bi-annual workshop to elevate one another on your lifelong journey of learning.

Get ready to welcome the biggest transformation of your life

Experience a one-year intensive program designed to help you move towards personal, professional and financial abundance.

This 1-year Roshido Life Mastery program will help you find your true purpose and live it to the fullest.

You will be supported throughout this journey to help you stay motivated and accountable to your goals.

Be part of the community

After successful completion of the Transformation Sprint or Life Mastery program, you’re invited to continue your transformational journey with other graduates.

Meet the brightest minds, exchange insights and experience life changing shifts at a 3-day mastermind event. 

Connect and have fun with friends.

Elevate to greater heights with a Zen Master

You’ll go through an intentional 9-step ascension program that brings you more equanimity into all areas of your life.

Harness your mind and allow your conscious awareness to guide you through your daily life.

Live Your Outer Riches

Build what you truly desire

Grow a thriving business with Dr. Jasmin Wollborn.

Together we’ll set a clear direction and help you achieve your goals, as you evolve into the person that you truly want to be.

Level-up for the next phase of your business and constantly upgrade your way of thinking, doing, and living.

Think big, bold, and audacious. 

Everything that surrounds you has a massive influence on your performance.

We’ll help you achieve and maintain peak health and fitness through a supportive environment.

Live and show up powerfully for your life, as Jasmin and Jürgen use groundbreaking techniques to weave life force back into your space, no matter where you live in the world.

Energetically upgrade your surroundings and fully take in the beauty that life offers.

Experience a new sense of calm.

Introducing a new type of Zen garden designed by Jürgen Wollborn, a Landscape Architect and Zen Master.

Similar to traditional Zen gardens, a Roshido Zen garden is designed to transform every aspect of your life.

Incorporating different approaches of the Western and Eastern perspectives, Roshido combines geometry, Zen and your personal choices to offer you a multi-sensory experience.

Meet the Roshido Team

Learn from experienced teachers in business and personal development. Acquire real world life skills that truly lead to a happier life. Develop an accelerated path to your next level of life. Meet:

Dr. Jasmin Wollborn, Ph.D. in Psychology, Business Consultant
Jürgen Wollborn, Dipl.-Ing. Landscape Architekt, Zen Master
Ilka Maria Wollborn, State Certified Educator, Roshido Coach


Hermann Scherer

CEO, Author, Germany

If there were only one word to describe Dr. Jasmin Wollborn, it would definitely be energy. On all levels - mental, physical, business,
spirit – she goes full speed ahead towards transformation with special perspectives and a lot of heart. Touching, engaging, special. Thank you Jasmin!

Dr. Mark Fonteyne

Dentist, Germany
After my 3 days of the Transformation Sprint I feel good, more present, I'm more upright and a bit stronger, I'm clearer and I've been able to get rid of a lot of things. That's good. It was a bit exhausting, but we managed quite well. I've learned to feel and perceive many things, I've learned a lot about myself. I will now do things consciously, do more for myself, and that is good.

Marvin Pelny

CEO, Photographer, Germany
The transformation sprint with Jasmin was a milestone in my life, as everything changed thereafter. I feel certainly more balanced and have more energy, as I do not waste so much of it thinking all of the time about things in the future that I cannot change right now. Living out of the present moment has become much more the norm and that is amazing.

Dr. Karl-Heinz Schuleri

Medical Doctor, Germany
At age 83 I am still working as a medical doctor. Since my transformation sprint, I am much quieter, more concentrated and more effective in my work, and of course also much happier, liberated and satisfied as a person. The work with Jasmin also gave me the courage to try out new things and has facilitated my work with my patients enourmously.

Gwen Tang

Coach, Actress, Singapore
Jasmin and her coaching has definitely turned my life upside down – in a good way.
I am much more grounded, present, lighthearted, fun-loving, courageous and for the first time also loving myself just the way I am – with all my hickups and issues that I am continuously working on.
All I can say is: Go for it, it is worth it!

Hermann Scherer

Speaker, Germany
Jürgen Wollborn is a master at harmonizing Eastern and Western principles to create a natural, harmonious whole. As inside, so outside and is reflected at all times in his work, in his stage presence and in the fabulous design of gardens and landscapes. Magnificent - masterful - moving.

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