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Dr. Jasmin Wollborn

Hi there. I'm Jasmin.

As a Life Coach I love helping you find your Inner Riches.

As a Business Consultant I happily support you in building your Outer Riches.

As a Friend I enjoy sharing your Manifested Reality with you.

My Vision

I dream of a world where we can show up everyday as ourselves, do what we love, whilst being respected and loved for who we are.

My Mission

Together means better, so let's build supportive teams and tackle things together.

My Hobbies

Skiing, Biking, Gardening Building, Woodworking

As a doctor of psychology I am all about being of service. To you and to the greater good. Seeing you flourish and manifest your dreams gives me goosebumps and makes me want to become better at what I do, so I can help even more.
My main philosophy for life is based on what a good friend of ours, Frank Asmus, talks about consistently: Giving is Living!
Many times over life has given me challenges to get over and allowed me to grow through them. I have lived in many different countries and cultures and gathered something from all of them. I love learning and growing.
I’ll gladly tell you more about myself and my life when you are here, sitting down with me for a cup of tea …
By the way, I can understand you in English, German, French, Italian and Farsi. I am currently learning a bit of Chinese and Japanese.
My Credo

Everything you need to nourish you can be found within you, so all you have to do is find a way to access your innate natural intelligence and put it to good use for yourself.

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Wollborn

Hi there. I'm Jürgen Roshido.

As Roshido, the Zen Master, I help you fine tune your Life Skills.

As Jürgen, the Landscape Architect, I design and build your Dream Garden.

As a Friend I enjoy your Inner Riches with you.

My Vision

For everyone to be able to live life from within, whilst in beautiful supportive surroundings.

My Mission

To teach meditation methods that will enable you, in a simple but effective way, to recognize your intrinsic beauty in existence.

My Hobbies

Walking, Biking, Gardening

My Credo

Everything you need to nourish your spirit can be found in nature, so I use ingenious ways of bringing nature's beauty back into your garden and life.

Completed over 1.000 projects as Dipl.-Ing. Landscape Architect in his 30 years of professional career; was three times awarded "Gardens of the Year", the most important garden award in the German-speaking D-A-CH area.
Teaches at universities on "The Architect as Entrepreneur”.

Zen Master with over 30 years of meditation experience in the Rinzai Zen, Soto Zen, Osho and Advaita traditions, fully mastered the Jhana meditation path.

It is a matter of the heart for him to share his experience with interested people, with people who want to unfold their full potential and bring along the courage to change.

With his authentic experience he accompanies meditators on the path to true All-Oneness, guided by his accurate clairaudience and high sensitivity for the energetic state of people and places.

After a shooting accident during a military mission, his sense of hearing had temporarily disappeared. This sense came back, now with the ability to hear frequencies and vibrations, to differentiate, like an echo sounder, which can detect the depth of the respective presence or frequency. This goes so far that Jürgen can hear in which state of consciousness his students are, further whether a design or a place carries harmony.

He creates individual places under the brand "Roshido", which carry and radiate the frequency of highest consciousness. They are places that remind us of the innermost nature of our being and connect us with it.

Ilka Maria Wollborn

Hi there. I'm Ilka.

As a Roshido Coach I help you follow Your Dream.

As a Business Consultant I help you build Your Dream.

As a Friend I enjoy being out in nature With You.

My Vision

My vision for personal growth and development is to create a space that would empower you to become more of yourself in a secure and natural surrounding.

My Mission

As the next generation I strive to carry on the legacy for all of us and future generations.

My Hobbies

Walking, Biking, Gardening
Reading, Organizing

As an educator it's all about being there for you and helping you on your way to figure out strategies to help yourself. And of course, to be able to do that, I had to first experience all these lessons myself - and I am continuously growing and learning to be of better service to myself and therefore you.
If you, too, are serious about growing and transforming your current Self into your future Self, then I would be delighted if you allowed me to join you on your journey.
You are in a phase of your life where you’re trying to figure out where you are going?
You are an introvert like me and yet want to ask for help to discover yourself and to manifest your dreams?
Go for it! I have done it with the most amazing mentors and it was one hell of a ride – and worth every bit of it. I’ll tell you more about it when you are here and taking a walk with me …
My Credo

Nature always has your back – everything you need to nourish your spirit can be found in nature, so I have found fun and engaging ways to hang out with you outdoors.

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